Special Announcement

ON THURSDAY JULY 31, 2014, Sis. Nena’s and Sis. Beverly’s old email addresses will no longer be active. Please note their new ones. Thank you. Sis. Nena - Old email: Churchsecretary@ubame.org; New Email: churchadmin@ubame.org Sis. Beverly - Old email: Clerk@ubame.org; New Email: adminsecretary@ubame.org

Union Bethel AME Church"A Church In Love And Unity Through Christ"

Join Us In:


    We are happy that you are visiting our website.  I would welcome an opportunity to talk with you personally about becoming involved in the fellowship of Union Bethel A.M.E. Church.  You can become a member of Union Bethel by attending one of our services and coming forward when the Invitation to join the church is extended.

    You can unite with us by:

    • CONFESSION OF FAITH: expressing a first time commitment to Christ;

    • AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: persons who are members of other A.M.E. churches outside this area who desire a local church home;

    • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: persons who are members of other denominations who desire a local church home;

    • TRANSFER: from an existing A.M.E. church to membership here;

    • RESTORED: persons who have been inactive and are returning to active membership;

    • RE-COMMITMENT OF FAITH: active members pledging increase commitment.

    If you are without a church home, a new resident of the area, a student, or residing in the area on a temporary basis, you are invited to share in the ministry of Union Bethel.

    Because of Him, I Am,
    Rev. Dr. Harry L. Seawright,